Auction Adventures

Your fan is energized to bid on their DREAM adventure while competing to win their distinctive ONCE IN A LIFETIME team experience.

Before the event, the team ...

• Determines how many adventures to auction off during the event
• Determines the starting bid, increment and win-it-now price for each adventure
• Offers 'adventure sponsorship' asset as opportunity for team advertisers
• Showcases the sponsor of the adventure in bold with a direct link to sponsor website
• Determines the day of the auction with any desired start and end time for the auction
• Using our Geo-Location feature, determines who is allowed to participate in the auction
• Enjoys watching the fans win EPIC adventures while becoming authentically engaged!

​During the event, the fan ...

• Logs on to the team desired URL
• Scrolls through and views the auction adventures that are offered
• Views the dream team experience of their choice, and gets really excited
• Beings bidding for their adventure, and competes with all the other fans to win
• Decides if they want to 'win-it-now' and take their dream adventure out from the inventory
• Fans bid and watch anxiously as the auction timer clock runs down to close, and they become a WINNER!