Team Trivia

Your fan becomes the TEAM EXPERT by answering random trivia questions, while redeeming INSTANT PRIZES during the event.

Before the event, the team ...

• Determines how many prizes to give away during the event
• Determines how many trivia questions they would like to display
• Assigns a value for the prizes being given away; Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze
• Assigns a level of difficulty for each trivia question; Difficult, Average, Easy
• Determines how long the trivia contest should run
• Enjoys watching the fans have fun and become authentically engaged!

​During the event ...

• ​Trivia questions will randomly appear on your fan's smartphone
• An envelope will appear notifying the fan 'You have Trivia'
• When opened, the fan has 30 seconds to answer the Trivia Question
• If answered correctly, the fan earn points towards prizes
• Prizes are redeemed during the event, for instant gratification!
• Fans thoroughly enjoy consuming a free hot dog, nacho or beer!